We deliver sustainable impact

We’re a hands-on, boutique consulting agency using
strategy design and consumer understanding to deliver growth.

A new brand positioning was translated into
a revamped store concept and communication strategy.

To capture the growing creative segment, a new brand and concept was developed together with Veritas.

After repositioning the brand, we aligned the visual merchandising & trade strategy for direct sales impact.

We have teamed up with True North for over 3 years now. As the focus of a CEO tends to drift off to day-to-day interferences, it is good to have them on board to keep the strategic focus on the agenda.

Kris Lenaerts, Owner & 
CEO Game Mania

Diversification when double digital disruption is waiting around the corner



Gaming is changing as we speak. But when the products you sell, are becoming increasingly digital and your current turnover and margin structure is based on selling physical goods, rethinking your role in the gaming ecosystem becomes key.


Using our proprietary 5/15/150 stakeholder methodology, we collected insights about the industry and provided gamer preferences and insights.


The result is a two-edged sword: working on today’s challenges as a retailer and paving the way for a diversified future business model to deal with the opportunities the future offers. The ‘Hero Gaming Network’ is a new business venture that makes this strategy tangible.

Making the creative heritage tangible again.



While creative hobbies were on the rise again, Veritas’ heritage and 125 years of experience in the creative department lacked convincing power. Our challenge was to grow this promising segment again.b


Over 10.000 Veritas hobbyists and creative thinkers were involved in discussing the future of the ‘creative spot’ Veritas wanted to offer their clients.
From first-time knitters to experienced sewers, we wanted to make sure everyone felt welcome in Atelier Veritas. Insights showed inspiration as the number 1 expectation, convenience as a differentiator and a vibrant community – instore and online a corner stone of the future approach.


The new Veritas Ateliers, implemented in 15 stores and one concept store, highlights Veritas’ true creative power. 

The revival of an iconic brand



Lunch Garden is turning 50 and has changed strongly over time. In the context of an upcoming Private Equity deal, True North was asked to deliver research-backed results for the current strengths & opportunities as the potential future growth scenarios.


Our proprietary Business Challenger Compass methodology acted as a strategic research tool to reveal the direction for the next iteration of its change & growth process. A market benchmark provided insights from 1.000s of both clients and non clients about current and future expectations.


Actionable recommendations on different levels helped change the current offering, pricing strategy, the introduction of a fruit bar and a new coffee experience zone, business corner and family zone as part of an overall upgrade of the restaurant concept. On top of that, insights in future oriented growth were provided and are currently being acted upon under the new PE-owners. 

Creating sustainable impact
isn’t a walk in the park.

Our approach is built on our beliefs that to be successful, strategies need to be evidence-based, supported, connected and tangible

Our promises are your guarantee to success.


We listen to consumers and unveil what matters to them and your brand

Consumer understanding leads to stronger financial performance & increased customer satisfaction. That is  why understanding how your market & brand are seen by your consumers is of essence.


We involve stakeholders
from around the company from start to finish

The most frequently cited barrier to implementing strategy is culture. Getting your teams on board, from your store staff to IT, product, sales & marketing is crucial for their buy in and making sure impact works.


We connect all domains to make sure impact is felt in every detail 

90% of consumer companies believe consistency across touchpoints improves customer loyalty as all actions – whether in pricing, store experience, staff interactions, communication … – adds to your intended impact.


We make it  tangible converting strategy slides to true impact

44% of strategic plans fail because companies don’t succeed in shaping what happens in practice. Our key promise is to help you deliver on your strategy: we make strategies tangible from the early beginning.

True North involved our teams, from the staff to our management team and the board from start to finish in the project. I believe this was key to ensure a solid implementation throughout the business.

Alexander Talpe, Owner & 
CEO e5 mode

Our answers to today’s
challenges and opportunities

Together with our trusted partners, we feel comfortable helping you out on multiple strategical challenges and opportunities. 

Strategy & positioning


  • Growth strategy
  • Brand positioning
  • Competitive benchmark
  • Diversification strategy

Customer-centric strategy


  • Consumer journey mapping
  • Persona development
  • Touchpoint analysis
  • Customer co-creation

(e-)Store Strategy


  • Store concept development
  • Omni-channel strategy
  • VM & POS strategy
  • Channel strategy

Marketing strategy


  • Marketing strategy review
  • Campaign reviews
  • Acquisition & retention
  • Trade strategy

New concept development


  • New concept & brand design
  • Concept validation
  • Concept roll-out coordination
  • Go-to-market strategy

Market & Consumer insights


  • Industry research reports
  • Brand benchmark research
  • Consumer understanding
  • Loyalty & RFM analysis

How we are different?

We’re a hands-on, dedicated ’boutique’ consulting agency. Too many expensive words? Let’s try to compensate that with some of our values. 

We're commited. To you and your brand.

We are invested. A dedicated team dives into your business & your brand. We don’t just visit your premises, we ask to work there too. 

We're in it for the project, not for the billable hours.

We work until it works. We will kickstart every offer with making sure we understand your intentions, provide you with a budget and stick to it.


We're bold, we're pragmatic.

We always strive for the best. But we understand business is fast and requires pragmatism. We balance both to make it work.

How you have to position us …

We deliver work on the fringes of several domains. Because designing and delivering impact is intertwined, we use business consultancy, market research, data analysis, service design techniques, change management & innovation practices to design and deliver your strategy.

Oh, our business consultancy angle probably gave it away: we’re in the upper right quadrant …

Over the course of the last 3 years I have been working on multiple projects with the True North team. They are my #1 strategic partner because of their ability to balance business understanding and delivering solutions with a hands-on, creative no-nonsense touch to it.

Sabine Vanderveken, Marketing Director Lunch Garden

Must-reads (& do’s) voor augustus

Must-reads (& do’s) voor augustus

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Het Retail Detail Congres gemist? Onze 3 minuten samenvatting…

Het Retail Detail Congres gemist? Onze 3 minuten samenvatting…

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