Helping retail brands understand & act on
ever-changing consumer behaviour.

At True North we help impact decision making on multiple levels, from marketing, sales to organisational. Our solutions are focused on understanding actual behaviour - both on- and offline - and how it changes over time. Using our proprietary process methodology 5/15/150 we translate understanding to relevant actions.

Success is about understanding your consumers
and the possibility to translate those findings into actions.

Over 50 brands trust their consumer behaviour insight needs to True North. Retailers and retail brands, both on- and offline, in very different sub-industries rely on our behaviour insights and our sound advice to act accordingly.


Multiple retail sub-industries are constantly being monitored and researched. Insights are tailored to a brand: market, brand and customer as well as non-customer insights are translated to actionable recommendations.

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It is only when the rubber meets the road that actual impact can be realised. Translating insights to a strategy that meets your brand, is provided by our process methodology in which we guide you from insights to actions.

Our approach differs in multiple ways:

  • Stakeholder-focused
  • Evidence based
  • Customer & non-customer focused
  • Action-oriented
  • We work until it works

Behind the science: how we work, together.

Strong stakeholder involvement

Our believe is that success is shared. With your team - from the board room to your store staff - as well as your consumers - both your clients and those ready to get to know you better. We involve everyone in our proprietary 5/15/150-process methodology.

Customers & insiders first

Every recommendation we suggest, every action we propose, every idea we discuss, will be supported by evidence. Different techniques - qualitative and quantitative - and tools - like Butikk and Hello Customer a.o. - help ons get the proper insights to support your case.

Retail is more than a focus

Understanding retail and its consumers is key to your success. That is why we focus fully on your industry. We are educated and experienced in retail business, marketing, sales and its operations. We understand the ins and outs. Every new job builds (upon) our knowledge.

Collaborative minds

Our team includes cross-disciplinary business designers, who work in collaboration with your team & our expert partners.


+10 years in marketing & business support for Fortune 100 co’s.


Open minded collaborator, political scientist & economist.

Van Laer

Combining her marketing intelligence with her passion for fashion & beauty


Economist with a user experience & digital background.


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